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Montecatini Dining Room is currently closed due to the Covid-19 Shutdown Mandate.

We are currently selling discounted Gift Cards and fulfilling Wine Club orders.

We are planning to provide Take-out orders of Chef Ermes delicious Italian Cuisine starting in June.
Take-out orders will be taken online here.  If you wish to receive an email regarding when we will be open and our latest Take-out Menu, please join our E-Club.

(For Gift Card or Wine orders, please ignore the xx-xx minutes pick up time.  It is a set information for hot food delivery that we cannot change in the system!)

Tech Support:

Question:  Why does it say “Expected pick-up: 89-90 minutes” in my confirmation email from my wine order?

Answer: Sorry, wine or gift card orders are NOT ready in 89-90 minutes.  That is a default information from our POS  (Point of Sale) system which is designed for hot food ordering.  Gift cards are delivered to you via the postal mail.  Wine Orders are to be pick up on Fridays from 4-7 pm (if you ordered by Thursday noon) at our restaurant 1528 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek.

Question: Where do I put in my address for my gift card delivery?

Answer: In the beginning of your order, you need to choose the “Delivery” option before you start.

Question:  I tried to buy a gift card just now.  Was able to select card, enter address, but couldn’t “check out”.  How come?

Answer:  I think the trick is while you are entering your address, you type a few numbers and letters, a list pops up, then you must pick an official post office address that popped up. You are not allow to type in any address. After you have chosen an approved address, then the checkout button will be activated. 


Email: Montecatinir@gmail.com

Restaurant Telephone: 925-943-6608

Emergency Text: 925-366-7433