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Pre-orders available 7 days ahead of Pick up date.  Delivery Order only available during Montecatini open hours Wednesday through Sunday 4-9 pm.

To view our latest weekly Take-out Menu, please hover over the above Navigation Bar’s word “Menu” then click on “Take-out Menu”

$29 three course dinner Wednesday/Thursday

$10 Off your FIRST order of $35 or more… receive this one time discount instantly by using Code M201001 during checkout. (Online order only)

You can pre-order or order online by clicking the red link above or by calling us at our restaurant phone at 925-943-6608. If you received our voice mail, we promise to call you back so please leave your phone number clearly with you message. 

Montecatini Delivery Zone

Montecatini Delivery Zone

Delivery Now Available: $6 flat delivery fee for orders less than $65. Free Delivery for orders $65 or more. Delivery is available only for locations within 5 mile radius of Montecatini Ristorante (see and click on map), 1528 Civic Drive Walnut Creek, CA.  You must use our App or the Order Online webpage (no phone delivery orders) to input your delivery order. Delivery is only available for immediate orders during opening hours, thus, no pre-order for delivery.

For those who have gift cards, please order using our Online Ordering webpage, pre-pay with your credit card, then forward your order email to us at MontecatiniR@gmail.com with a picture of the back of your gift card with the QR code. We will refund your credit card and process your gift card shortly after your order has been picked up. We will confirm to you your credit card has been refunded and your gift card has been debited. You can always check your gift card balance by using your mobile phone’s camera app, and point to the square QR pattern in the back of your gift card. 

For those who have paper gift certificates, please order using our Online Ordering webpage, pre-pay with your credit card, then when you pick up your order, present your gift certificate, and we will refund your credit card. For those with un-used Groupon, regardless of expiration date, you can always use the amount you paid for your Groupon as cash any time.  Please order using our Online Ordering webpage, pre-pay with your credit card. Then email us at MontecatiniR@gmail.com and tell us your Groupon info or provide a screenshot of your Groupon certificate.  We will process your Groupon credit, and refund your credit card for $65, shortly after your order has been picked up.

Starting October 2020, we have changed online ordering provider from Upserve to ChowNow.  So, there will NOT be any additional 2.99% online ordering Upserve process fee imposed on your order any more! ChowNow charges Montecatini a flat fee for their third party online order service, unlike the Doordash platform who charged Montecatini 27%.  Please order Montecatini online regularly, there is no additional benefit to Montecatini for telephone order. (For other restaurants who use Doordash, Grubhub or other percentage sales online ordering service, telephone orders directly to the restaurant save them 20-30% service fee, unlike Montecatini.)


Email: MontecatiniR@gmail.com

Restaurant Telephone: 925-943-6608