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For safety and comfort, we are still social distancing in our dining room with ~60 % of our pre-pandemic number of tables.

Here is the current menu for the week of September 22th, 2021.

Shown below is our menu. Some items may not be on our weekly menu, but may be available when requested. 


Antipasti – Appetizers

Mozzarella, Pomodori & Basilico – 12 Fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil

Carpacio – 17 Thinly sliced premium beef, served with capers, Montecatini’s special sauce.

Escargot –  15 Garlic, Cognac and butter. Please allow ~15 min.

Sliced Tomato with Bay Shrimp  14  

Minestre Insalate – Soup – Salads

Minestrone Toscano Soup – 9

Tortellini In Brodo Soup –  10

Insalata Della Casa – 10

Caesar Salad – 11 *Add: Anchovies…2; Chicken Breast…5; Prawns…8

Hearts of Romaine Con Gorgonzola –  12

Radicchio & Arugula –  12 Two Bitter Italian Lettuces, Goat Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette

Insalata Di Spinaci – 14 Wilted spinach, with sautéed mushrooms, pancetta, red onion

Calamari Vinaigrette – 14

Shrimp Vinaigrette – 15

Insalata Di Pesce – 16 Bay shrimp, calamari, baby clams, butter lettuce

All dinners served with pasta and fresh vegetables

Pasta & Italian Specialties

Linguine/Capellini Al Pomodoro – 9/16
*Add: Chicken Breast…5; Prawns…8

Fettucine Alfredo  – 10/18

Linguine Al Pesto  –  11/19

Fettucini Alla Primavera – 21 Fresh vegetables, feta cheese, garlic, olive oil

Melanzane (Eggplant) Parmigiana – 24 Fresh eggplant, mozzarella & parmesan cheeses, tomato cream sauce

Panzotti Di Formaggio – 22 Large, house-made three-cheese ravioli, fresh tomato sauce

Panzotti Di Vitello – 23 Large, house-made veal ravioli, Bolognese sauce

Tortellini Montecatini – 12/23 Veal-filled, w/ prosciutto, peas, light cream sauce

Fettucini Alla Carbonara – 23 Pancetta, onion, white wine, cream sauce

Lasagna Casalinga – 23 Chef’s special recipe. Please allow ~25 min.

Gnocchi – 23 Chef-made in-house with potato, flour and egg. Choice of sauces: pesto cream (house), pesto, pomodoro, Bolognese, tomato cream, Alfredo, etc.

Linguine Al Vongole – 25 Fresh clams, baby clams, choice of red/white sauce

Fettuccine Alla Viareggina – 26 House Specialty:  with scallops, large prawns, bay shrimp, fresh mushrooms, tomato cream sauce (Voted Best Pasta 2016 by readers of Walnut Creek Magazine)  

Pesce – Seafood

Calamari Saltati – 24 Baby squid sautéed, fresh tomato, capers, garlic

Seppia Dore –  26 Calamari steak abalone style, white wine, lemon Gamberi Scampi – 28 Large prawns, white wine, garlic, parsley,lemon

Gamberi Livornese – 28 Large Prawns, Fresh Tomato, White Wine, Garlic

Scallops Al Limone – 30 Large scallops, lemon, white wine sauce

Pollo – Chicken

Pollo Rosmarino – 24 Breast of chicken, fresh rosemary and garlic

Pollo Alla Piccata – 25 Breast of chicken, capers, lemon, white wine

Pollo Scaloppini Con Funghi – 26 Breast of chicken, mushroom, rosemary, brown sauce

Pollo Alla Parmigiana – 26 Breast of chicken, fresh sauteed mushroom, rosemary, brown sauce

Pollo Alla Schiacciata – 26 Brick pressed baked half chicken with fresh rosemary, garlic. Please allow ~30 min.

Vitello – Manzo – Veal – Beef

Vitello Piccata – 28 Veal with capers, lemon, white wine sauce

Vitello Milanese – 29 Breaded cutlet of veal, no sauce

Vitello Carciofi – 29 With artichoke hearts, mushroom, white wine

Vitello Pizzaiola – 29 With fresh tomato, oregano, garlic, white wine, fresh tomato sauce

Vitello “Scaloppini” Con Funghi – 30 With mushroom, white wine, rosemary, demi-glace brown sauce

Vitello Alla Parmigiana – 30 With mozzarella & parmesan cheeses, tomato cream sauce

Vitello Saltimbocca – 31 With prosciutto, mozzarella, sage, demi-glace brown sauce

Pepper Steak – 35 ~12 ounces Choice New York steak, black peppercorn, demi-glace brown sauce


Fresh Vegetable Del Giorno – 10 

Extra Side Pasta – 10 

Extra Side Pasta & Vegetables – 12 

Please see our weekly menu for our Piatti del Giorno (Daily Specials)

Some of our daily specials may include: Salmon, Mahi mahi, Snapper, Swordfish, Rack of Lamb, Osso bucco, Veal shank, Half duck, Filet Mignon, Breast of duck, Penne Prawns, Risotto w/ chicken & sausage, Veal Cannelloni, Rigatoni w/ meatball & sausage Buon Appetito! View Dinner Specials > Corkage $18.00 Bottle Checks Not Accepted Split Charge with extra sides $6.00 Not Responsible for Lost or Stolen Articles

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